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Product Name: FOSTEX D2424LV
Product Model: d2424
RRP: $3,499.00

Sale Price: $2,589.26
 26% OFF! 

Finance fr - $33.65 p/wk

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Ideal for live sound recording or studio use
24 balanced TRS jacks for all analog I/Os
6 recording formats
24 bit resolution
96 kHz frequency
Optional DVD-RAM drive

A computer-based digital multitrack set-up might be fine for studio use, where you can work around limited inputs and complex operational issues, but when it comes to live recording they simply don’t cut it.
There’s only one chance to capture the performance. One chance to capture the magic.
You need a solution which is tough, reliable, proven, rack-mountable, expandable and with enough inputs for the whole band. In short, you need the new Fostex D2424LV.
This ultra-high specification 24 track digital recorder is simply the most capable, most flexible, best sounding, and easy to use digital multitrack ever.

No matter what the performance is, rock, theatrical, jazz, or worship, you need inputs. So for maximum flexibility, each of the D2424LV’s 24 digital recording tracks has it’s own analog input and output on TRS jack. These I/Os can be set to function as +4dBu balanced or -10dBV unbalanced ensuring maximum connectivity with consoles and effects.
In addition to the analog I/OS there are three ADAT™ Digital Interfaces (24 ADAT I/Os in total) for connection to the new breed of digital consoles.

Employing the latest 24bit A/D’s and D/As, the D2424LV’s high-definition recording engine offers sonically pure, no-compromise non-compressed multitrack recording in one of six audio formats, including the new 24bit / 96kHz and 24bit / 88.2kHz standards. All under the control of FDMS-3, Fostex’s intelligent disk management software.

The performance is about to start and the last thing you need is a machine which is difficult to use.
Don‘t worry, as thanks to the clear and concise interface which enables intuitive access to the facilities on offer, the D2424LV is incredibly easy to get to grips with.
The front-panel remote control, for example, can be located up to 10 metres from the recorder (with optional Model 8551B x 2 fitted), while individual tracks can be named and exchanged with ease.
Usability is enhanced futher still, with the ‘All Input’ and ‘All Ready’ functions which allow you to check all input signals and make all tracks ready with single button pushes.
Location facilities incorporate Recall Locate to the 99 locate memories using the jog/shuttle wheel and Prev/Next Locate by simply pressing the Prev/Next key.
Other ‘studio’ features include a Mark/Stop function which allows the D2424LV to stop automatically at a preset Mark point, Program Chain Play which allows for a compilation of programs to be played back in a certain order, and footswitch control for start/stop as well as punch in/out functions.
Backing up recordings can be to external SCSI-2 media, DAT, ADAT or to an optional secondary internal hard drive or optional DVD-RAM drive.

The editing features available are superb, completely non-linear and aided by a graphical audio preview. Full Copy/Move & Paste is achievable across tracks or song programs. The UNDO function is worthy of a special mention as the number of UNDOs available is only limited by the disk space available.
If you wish to take audio editing and processing further, you can export and import designated tracks, parts of tracks or complete songs as .WAV files to a DOS FAT 16 formatted SCSI disk or to a DVD-RAM drive in the secondary bay. Editing, processing and sound file conversion can therefore be accomplished on a PC using proprietory audio editing tools.
Plus there is the choice of three time bases (ABS, MTC & bar/beat/clock), up to 64 tempo and signature changes per song, and a ‘virtual timecode track’ (all recording tracks are free for audio).

Word I/O is standard keeping multiple-linked digital devices ‘in sync’ while RS422 support is also offered for remote control. Interface options can be further enhanced via a range of dealer / distributor fit optional timecode & Ethernet cards. Model 8346 timecode card chases and locks to incoming LTC with the option of referencing to Video or Word clock. In addition it offers compatibility, in conjunction with RS422, with video editors and other professional tools. Ethernet meanwhile makes D2424LV files available to a media network.

  • Record 24 tracks simultaneously - ideal for live performance recording
  • 24 TRS balanced jacks for all analog I/Os. Balanced/unbalanced selectable (ref. level: 12dB/-20dB)
  • 56 track digital recording with no compression (24 tracks plus 32 additional 'ghost tracks'/ 8 tracks plus 48 additional tracks for 24bit/96k)
  • 6 recording formats: 24bit / 96kHz, 24bit / 88.2kHz, 16bit / 44.1kHz, 16bit / 48kHz, 24bit / 44.1kHz, & 24bit / 48kHz)
  • 128 times oversampling delta-sigma 24bit AD/DA
  • ADAT I/O (S/P DIF switchable)
  • Program Chain Play mode
  • Twin drive bays. Secondary bay may be fitted with optional 2nd hard drive or DVD-RAM drive for back-up
  • Export & import .WAV song files
  • Level envelope display aids easy audio with undo & redo
  • Non-destructive 99-time Copy/Paste & Move/Paste editing across programs (songs)
  • Virtual timecode track function
  • Unlimited chronological editing UNDOs (dependent disc space)
  • 6 point edit memory & 99 locate point memory
  • MTC/MMC & FEX implemented for external MIDI control
  • Multiple tempo and signature changes per song
  • Word I/O
  • MIDI clock with song position pointer
  • Handy ‘All Input’ & ‘All Ready’ feature
  • RS-422 remote connector
  • Optional Ethernet and timecode cards

Virtal Timecode Track
The "Virtual Timecode Track" feature allows recording of timecode from internal or external sources to a ‘virtual timecode track’ keeping all tracks free for audio.

ADAT Interface - 24-track simultaneous recording & data archive
The ADAT™ Digital Interface is present on machine. This can be used for importing and exporting of ADAT compatible material, archiving sessions to the ADAT format and for interfacing to the new breed of digital mixing consoles. By recording using the ADAT interface the number of simultaneous recording tracks available is maximised to 24.

Multiple UNDOs
Hard drives can be specially formatted to enable the Multiple Undo feature. When formatted in this way, all recording takes are given a unique time ‘stamp’ by the internal clock and saved to a separate part of the drive, (the number of takes is only dependent by the disk space available). By using the Multiple Undo function you can ‘jump’ back to any previous take with a simple button push.


  • Sync to external VIDEO/WORD (10 preset sync patterns)
  • Slave to external LTC running across 0h point. Offset can be set to
    external timecode
  • Timecode can be recorded from internal or external sources to a ‘virtual timecode track’ keeping all recording tracks free for audio.
  • Internal timecode address can be output as LTC
  • Timecode converted from ABS or recorded timecode can be output as LTC
  • Independent timecode function generates timecode from 24hr clock or any designated timecode address. FORCE JAM also possible. Generated timecode via the output.
  • 24, 25, 30ND, 30DF, 29.97ND & 29.97DF timecode rates
  • Sync to Video feature for system integration with various video editors compliant with the P2 protocol

Robust empty caddy for housing 3rd party IDE hard drives

Complete assembly for adding a 2nd caddyheld hard drive for back-up and archive

9048 DVD-RAM Drive
4.7GB DVD-RAM drive (for back-up and archive) fits into the 2nd internal bay

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I have dealt with Bavas music many times and have bought a digital piano, a guitar and numerous accessories. I have always found them to be courteous, professional with good product knowledge, and competitively priced. I've dealt with many music stores over the past 35 years and Bavas is the best I've come across. Thanks for such great service!
By Harry Kingaby of Coffs Harbour

nick from bavas ,wow what a fantastic experience of great customer service.Rang to find out about purchasing conferencing (MICROPHONES AND SOUND EQUIPTMENT) ADVISED ME ON WHAT TO PURCHASE AND TOLD NICK IT WAS URGENT AND HE HAD IT TO ME IN 2 DAYS ,COULD HARDLY BELIEVE IT AS HAD A BAD EXPERIENCE WITH A LEADING SUPPLIER IN SYDNEY WHO i ORDERED OFF 1 MONTH AGO AND STILL WAITING.So will only be going with Bavas for sound and microphones from now on.Great to to see an honest company who deliver on what they say.Great work. thanks from katie in the ACT.
By kate mcculloch of act

Very good site (but attention needed to some erratic "rrp/ price/ savings" numbers which are often absurd). I bought good gear at very good prices, with excellent service and help from Joanna (thank you). Delivery was very quick and accurate. Highly recommended.
By Ray Neuling of Adelaide

The Best
How do you start to write a testimonial when you are speachless for words. Nick and his whole crew let you know their best interest is you. Never Have I felt so secure in my purchase with anyone. I asked so many questions prior to the purchase of the myriad of equipment I purchased,that I made myself feel uncomfortable. In return I was recieved by a professional friendly team with plenty of advice and honest answers that got results. The knowledge of these guys is second to none, which is matched by the quality of equipment they provide. Not to mention the discount I recieved. After shopping around and getting a mountain of opinions that wern't consistant with one enother, I found Nick and his team to be the real treasure, not for the money that I have saved which is in excess of 20K. But for thier Service, honesty, integrity and wealth of knowledge. Not only do I have great equipment, Id like to think this is the begining of a lasting friendship. Thanks Nick
By Paddy of CMA Studios Queensland

Just a quick note to let you how happy I am with my recent over the phone purchase. Best price! Ordered one day, received the next, fantastic. Also Nick, went out of his way to check and re-arrange things so I did not miss out before Christmas. Thanks Nick and Bavas Music.
By Geoff Whipp of Sydney

PA Gear
A big thankyou to Nick and the staff we bought a Behringer assorted PA system and you were all very helpful even down to sorting out a warranty repair for us. We highly recomend you all.Thankyoiu again from Carin & Chris.
By Carin & Chris of

Great price/great help!
I had an idea of what I wanted,but what you want and what you need are two different things Nick Bava nows ! He put together such a nice PA for me,I was blown away when I turned the system on for the first time, Thanks Nick,your the man. Regards, Jon Blakeney Magician/musician.
By jon blakeney of Jannali

Interface and Mic
I really thank and appreciate Mr.Tony, for his patience towards helping me to choose the right interface for my requirements and the information he provided to get the right home recording Mic. He is amazing!! and brilliant!...God bless you brother!.
By Fredy of Liverpool

Kurzweil PC7K
Found the Kurzweil PC3 keyboards here for a great price. Ordered, they were delivered promptly. Kurzweil aren't all that widely available in Australia - can I just say it is a fantastic keyboard. In Canberra and want to hear one? Google Zoopagoo and come to one of our gigs, I would be happy to show you mine.
By David Frost of Canberra

Found the Kurzweil PC3 keyboards here for a great price. Ordered, they were delivered promptly. Kurzweil aren't all that widely available in Australia - can I just say it is a fantastic keyboard. In Canberra and want to hear one? Google Zoopagoo and come to one of our gigs, I would be happy to show you mine.
By David Frost of Canberra

Bought a $2000 PA system instore.....good stuff......but the salesguy led me to beleive that he was giving me a massive discount....only to find later that the price I paid was actually the price available to everyone online.......hmmmmmmmmm
By Mr of Sydney

I have bought from Bavas twice now for EV speakers (foldback, FOH and subs) and microphones. I have found their service to be excellent and their prices are great. We had problems with one of our FOH speakers and Nick had a replacement to our church in record time - it was no hassle at all. I would recommend these guys and I do not even bother to shop around anymore because you wont get a better deal. I would add that Nick is a great salesman in the sense that he knows his products, gets a good feel for what you are after, puts together a good package (without over selling), has it delivered promptly and provides good support. He will also work hard with suppliers to get you the best price he can offer. Keep up the good work guys it's a pleasure doing business with you.
By Rob Jamieson of Bathurst

Tony, thanks so much for your assistance with my Korg SV1, gig bag & Behringer monitors. Bavas is always a pleasure to deal with, always prompt, thoughtful & do great deals. Cheers Tony, I'm looking forward to receiving all my new gear over the next few days, thanks for making it all so easy!!! Steve.
By Steve Martin of Townsville

Behringer iAxe Metalien USB Electric Guitar
I can't compliment Bava's Music City enough for their service. After speaking with a very knowledgeable staff member (Mitch) I ordered the guitar online. Dopey me ordered the incorrect item, but Mitch fixed this without any fuss or bother. The Guitar was despatched promptly and was received exactly as described in excellent condition. I will use Bava's again when it comes time to buy the Amp and accessories. Thanks guys.
By Neil Travis of Perth, WA

suqier jaguar ss bass
got my Squier jaguar ss bass from these guy's by phone order, excellent service & comunication will definitely be shpping here again AAA+++_ OH YEAH & the bass is great too :-)
By Michael Single of Armidale N.S.W

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