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Behringer 992 Control Voltages Module


Behringer 992 Control Voltages Module - Behringer 904B Voltage Controlled High Pass Filter - 904BHIGHPASSFILTER 

Amazing Analog CV Routing Module for Eurorack 

Measured Synthesis 

The main System 55, 35 and 15 synth modules turned out in the mid 70s and would in general be amazingly costly. They were for the most part all discrete transistor structures as operation amps at the time were extremely significant expense. The discrete hardware gave the modules an extremely particular sound and were utilized by specialists like Keith Emerson, Stevie Wonder, Tangerine Dream thus some progressively, giving us probably the best records we've at any point heard. Secluded synths were a milestone advancement in electronic music and today, it's going to show signs of improvement. 


Enter the Behringer 992 CONTROL VOLTAGES Module. A valid multiplication of the hardware from the "Secluded 55 and 35" Series utilized by the world's most acclaimed pop, rock and jazz artists. Presently, performers can assemble their own one of a kind, novel, synthesizer that can fit in a standard Eurorack case at a truly moderate cost. Blend and match explicit modules to make your own, one of a kind synth to supplement the music you play or go full scale and occupy a room, from floor to roof, with modules that will satisfy any synth nerd's most out of this world fantasy. 


The 992 CONTROL VOLTAGES features 4 channels for CV signals steering to the 904A LPF module. This permits your sound to be openly associated/separated with a flip of a switch. Placing the switch in its up position implies that you are permitting your signs to associate with different modules and the other way around. 

Outer Input and Attenuator 

An outer information is accessible If you have an extra information you need to interface with the 992 CONTROL VOLTAGES module. What's more, with the reversing Attenuator handle, you can modify the CV level of this sign by turning it clockwise to alter the CV level from 0 to 10 or counterclockwise to transform it from 0 to - 10. 

Intricate details 

3 exchanged and added CV inputs are available for the recurrence control of VCF modules which can be associated by means of 3.5 mm TS links. The 992 CONTROL VOLTAGES permits you to convey the joined voltage from every one of the 4 data sources through 3 equal CV yields; which can drive various 904A LPF and 904B HPF modules for a boundless number of sonic blends. 

Eurorack Ready 

Introducing the 992 CONTROL VOLTAGES is basic as it was intended to fit into a standard Eurorack case. Simply associate the force links to the force supply and mount the module utilizing the included screws. This takes into consideration the 992 CONTROL VOLTAGES to be blended in with other synth modules for a really remarkable set up. 

The Behringer 992 Control Voltages Module features: 

  • Credible multiplication of the hardware from the "Particular 55 and 35" Series 
  • Craftsman list incorporates world's most renowned pop, rock and jazz artists 
  • 4-channel CV signal steering to 904A LPF module 
  • Single outer contribution with transforming attenuator control 
  • 3 exchanged and added CV contributions for recurrence control of VCF modules 
  • 3 equal CV yields can drive different 904A LPF and 904B HPF modules 
  • Eurorack specs: 8 HP, 10 mA +12 V, 10 mA - 12 V 
  • 3-Year Warranty Program* 
  • Structured and designed in the U.K.



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