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CASIO MZX500 61 Key Music Arranger Workstation

The CASIO  MZ-X500 are Casio’s new flagship digital keyboard arrangers, and it has also  nine drawbar organ sliders that double as a mixer for your Songwriting and mastering complete with a powerful inbuilt speakers totalling 40 watts of output, 61 velocity sensitive keys, mod-wheel and pitch bend wheel, a 5.3 inch colour touch screen, 50.000 Note MIDI Sequencer PLUS audio recording, auto accompaniment with rhythm control and plenty more.

The bank of buttons labelled ‘Registration’ are sets of preset group sounds, rhythms and effects. Tapping on the ‘Tone’ reveals the four sounds programmed onto your current registration, easily enabling you to turn any of the four tones on/off with a simple tap of the screen wit most sounds having been re mastered from the casio Library and New up to date sounds for superb and a realistic quality. They are multi-layer and velocity switched with high-fidelity samples. When you search into the Sounds you they have been segregated into eight categories: piano, organ, guitar/bass, strings, brass/reed/pipe, synth, ‘ethnic’ and General MIDI.
if you are a sound /Synth person you can carve that tone even further by tapping edit. it then turns itself into a Syntesizer  With the elements of envelopes, filters, velocity sensitive etc, as well as the ability to edit the effects

The MZ-X500 has 16 velocity sensitive back-lit pads, which expand the functionality significantly with an added chord function and a ‘multi’ function that splits the 16 pads into functions of your choosing. For example, drum sample on one pad, chords on another, including MIDI generated musical inflections to what you’re playing on the keys.

There are 16 tracks, plus the master track available for recording and arranging with a substantial 50,000 note sequencer capacity.and with cut, copy, paste and quantise. So you want Audio? just to plug in a USB memory stick and you’re good to go. Records everything played in real-time on the keyboard (including accompaniment Styles, MIDI tracks), plus everything plugged into the numerous audio inputs (which can use the powerful on-board DSP EFX unit) as a .WAV file, as a “one-shot” recorder .An amazing Keyboard ..Or is it a Synth .. No its a Sampler ..Well its everything 

Product Features 


  • Intuitive Colour Touch Interface
  • Over 1,100 High-Quality Tones
  • 20 Different Effects to Fit Any Occasion.
  • Virtual Vintage Tonewheel Organ
  • Physical Sliders Give You Precise Drawbar Control
  • Hex Layer Technology
  • Layer Six Different Sounds Together in a Single Tone
  • Four Hex Layers Simultaneously
  • Real Time Controls
  • 16 Track Midi Recorder
  • Hundreds of Flexible and Great-Sounding Rhythms
  • Advanced Chord Detection
  • Load and Play Standard MIDI Files
  • Import Data From an SMF Into Custom Rhythms
  • Import Rhythms From Other Arranger Keyboards
  • Mixers, Synthesizer Functions, Effect Controls, and More
  • Stylish “cockpit” Design
  • Bright Backlit Buttons
  • 16 Backlit, Velocity Sensitive Multi-Function Pads
  • Pads Can Also Trigger Musical Phrases
  • Bass-Reflex Speaker System
  • Record Samples From Any Source via the Line and Mic Inputs
  • 4-Band Parametric Equalizer



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