Keyboard Arrangers & Synthesizers

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Keyboard Arrangers are basically an instrument that allows you to play a simple chord and it will Automatically play a chosen style of backing accompaniment which normally includes a drum pattern rhythm with matching bass line Guitar and Piano and will change pitch according to the chord shosen  .They keyboard has variations on that rhythm (  up to 4 ) and other instruments are added to give a more complex feel and built up an orchestration which as the name implies , Helps you to arrange a song for a musical arrangement or song . 

Synthesizers come in all manner and Form With the advancement in technology it is hard to dertermine which sounds better or more practical .For most purposes Whether its analog Waveforms or Digital DCOs Or Sampling technology ,Synthesizers as the name suggests allows you to Create or Manipulate sounds and develop your sound pallettes utilising tools such as Hi /Lo Pass Filters and Resonance controls which in turn can be manipulated with Amplitude controls such as Attack Decay Release and of course Pitch control .Which the Advancement in Sampling technology which Primarily recreates acoustic or exisitng sounds  ,Synthesizers are now reverting back to the old Analog model and is finding its place back and pushing the boundaries in Dance and Film music .Bavas Music City can assist you with the tools necessary for making and recreating your sounds for what ever style you choose 

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