Beginner Musical Instruments

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Musical Instruments for beginners in children is always an awkward choice for Parents .Do i buy a cheap instrument to see how they progress or do we buy a better instrument to give them the best opportunity to learn on a decent instrument . If you are an adult there is usually more commitment to learning as passion and determination usually fuels the need to learn music which in turn keeps your mind active and stimulates the creative 'neurones' in ones brain and body .

One needs to understand also that a more expensive instrument normally sounds better and can be played with Pride which in turn would normally be expected to be treated with more respect from the owner or player . The less expensive supermarket instruments make look like an instrument but there is usually a trade off between price ,quality and serviceability for the product .

At BAVAS MUSIC CITY we pride ourselves in offering expert advice and back up service in line with the intrument that you decide to purchase and we also have a list of music books and assistance in the style or type of teaching you may require 

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