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Playing your electronic drum kit with your headphones may sound perfect, but it is not the case in a gig or a crowd. Drums, whether electronic or acoustic, need careful listening. But with quality amplifiers, it can be a lot easier than you think. You don't need to play in a large crowd to buy that amplifier. The addition of an amplifier to your electronic drum kit can give you extra quality sound. Amplifiers help you achieve and maintain the accurate tone you work so hard to reach. Yamaha, Roland, Simmons, and KAT - all these brands, along with many others, offer top-quality drum amplifiers that will take your hard-hitting play to a new height. 

To further enhance the sounds you want to create with your kit, the perc pads are a great addition. It can enable you to add four drum pads; and the optional kick to your acoustic or electronic equipment. It is easy to use and fits any configuration, plus it contains the sounds to harmonize with your kit. 

There are times when drummers could not be around to play the drums; what do you do then? It's simple, invest in a drum machine. With a drum machine, you can create your beat to play over and over. Whether you are recording in a studio or at home, performing in a crowd, there is a drum machine that is perfect for you. For starters, the best seller is the ALESIS SR-16 Drum Machine. It has 233 built-in drum and rhythm samples. You can't go wrong with this. 

Bava's Music City has a wide range of selection of these electronic drum kits and its accessories. We have the top brands such as Yamaha, Behringer, Roland, Auralex, Boss, and Nord. And many more that would suit our customer’s needs. Do not miss out on this trend; after all, it’s an excellent investment.

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