Hi Hat Stands

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The hi-hat stand can serve as an anchor of the drum set. You can add pieces to it as it may serve as extra mounts. There are different designs about how it is used. There are three-legged, and two-legged Hi-hat stands. The standard 3-legged design is the classic foundation for any drum set. It provides excellent stability during the long sets. And if added with extra arms and mounts, it will remain steady at its maximum heights. Yet, if you are tight on space, the unconventional yet two-legged stands are a great fit. It is also stable even at its full height.

There are many accessories available to make your hi-hats perform and play the way you'd like. Bava's Music City has a wide range of selection of hi-hat stands and accessories. We have the top brands such as DXP, Pearl, Sonic, and Powerbeat. Choose once you have decided after all this is an investment worth investing in.

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