Claves & Castanets

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All percussion instruments need to vibrate to make a sound. The more body contact on the instrument, the more muffled the sound will be.

Claves, or also known as rhythm sticks, create a clear, short, and precise sound. They are ideal for tapping the beat and for tapping rhythm patterns. They come in large and small sizes. They are played by resting one stick across the palm while the other arm holds another stick and strikes the resting stick in the middle. Each stick has its pitch. You can also use it by tapping both top ends of the sticks together. Children will find them easy to control.

Castanets are two pieces of rounded material that can fit into the palm. The two sides are held together by an elastic string, and they remain in an open position. The fingers must tap down rapidly to bang the top part to the bottom and release it. Castanets are useful to imitate the sound of falling rains, chattering animals and so on. 

Bava's Music City has a wide selection of Claves and Castanets. Our top brands in these selections are Drumfire, Pearl, and MP. These instruments will help any beginners and kids to learn the primary rhythms.

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