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Conga, also known as tumbadora, is composed of tall, narrow, single-headed drums, usually in a set of two. Each drum is tuned into an unended drum sound. Its internationalization in the 20th century makes it popular for drummers to play two or three drums. The exact origin is unknown, but Cubans developed it in the early 19th century. 
Modern Conga is made of staved wood or has a fibreglass shell. When played, it creates a deep round, open sound/tone because the drum is allowed to ring after it is hit. It is usually played by tapping the palms on the centre of the drum head and fingers tapping on the edge of the drum. The tapping produces various sounds that make it a versatile instrument that complements any set of musical instruments. 
Bava's Music City has Conga from top brands like Pearl and Mano. Depending on your needs, the Conga is an excellent addition to your percussion instruments or drum kit.  

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