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Pianos 88 weighted keys Arranger keyboards and Synthesizers for Studio and Bands

At Bavas Music City we have a wide choice of Pianos and Keyboards at affordable prices. Although they may all have black and White keys, there are some discerning differences but at the same time similarities, which will allow you to make the correct purchasing decision for your applications and purpose for your musical Choice.

Essentially Pianos are decribed as 88 weighted keys instrument and is the favoured choice of piano teachers based on Classical Examinations and an instrument that will build strength and stamina in you fingers . Yamaha  Roland and Casio are the market leaders in this area 

Keyboards are mostly descibed as a 61 note light weighted keyboard with a range of orchestral sounds and build in Rhythms from many genres and allow you to sound like a band by simply playing chords with your left hand and melody on the right hand .THe instant gratification of allowing you to create a full backing band with simple melodies fulfils many people with inspiration and allows then to have fun and learn to "play" in a short period of time .Yamaha and Casio Keyboards 

Synthesizers are usually used in band work and studio and aprt from traditional sounds they have many electronic sounds and effects built into their sound pallette which are able to be modified and manipulated to create new sounds and textures for writing and creating your own music whether it be films dance music or simply Electronica .Roland and Yamaha are the most chosen products in this category 

With the merging or technologies within every industry Musical instruments are now morphing and crossing the boundaries within each of these groups .A 88 key weighted Piano keyboard with built in rhythms such as the YAMAHA RANGE OF CVP and DGX SERIES is becoming more popular .There also has been seen in this section as  88 key SYNTHESIZERS .

With most technological advances many keyboard based instruments are now also able to play standard MP3 OR WAVE FILES of your favourite sounds making them now a truly music work  and playstation which allows them to find more homes as music becomes more democratised within the world of fun education and enjoyment 

Get your pianos and keyboards at affordable prices.

At Bava's Music City, we carry the best brands - Roland, Yamaha and Casio