Hand Percussion

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The hand percussion instruments are one of the oldest family of musical instruments. These fun-to-play instruments offer a wide variety of sounds and styles. It can transcend musical genres and experience levels so it's easy for anyone to get into the rhythm. 

The well-known hand percussion instruments belong to the shaker family and tambourines. They are well established in Latin and most Eastern music. 

Drummers may also incorporate the cowbells in their kits to make various sounds. Castanets and triangles can also add flavour and create special effects sounds. 

Bava's Music City has a wide selection of hand percussion instruments. We have collections from top brands such as Mano, Remo, Drumfire, and MP. Hand percussion instruments can bring additional flavour into your music. It's also a great spot for music teachers in need of fun and easy-to-play devices to help kids learn the basics.

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