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Hailing from the USA, The PreSonus Company specialising in Audio Interfaces or sometimes called soundcards , is is a brand dedicated to Studio and Live Sound solutions. As a premium PreSonus dealer here in Australia, Bava’s stocks an extensive list of products including Studio Monitors, Processors, Software, Audio Interfaces, Speakers, Mixers and controllers. If you are looking for world-class products then visit us at Bava’s Music where we can support you find PreSonus Computer and Audio solutions.

PreSonus manufactures soundcards and Audio Soundcards and devices ,and is a brand that is driven by musicians. Music is their life… PreSonus is their day job! As artists, producers, recording artists and audio designers, the PreSonus team is constantly looking to create a better experience for their users.

Interacting with the PreSonus user community around the world, the team in the USA is constantly researching and developing new features, products and process to ensure their products are always the best on offer.

The Studio 192 interface and Studio One DAW are a perfect reflection of the direction for PreSonus. Creating music in your home studio has never been easier or better thanks to these leading products filtering into home studios across Australia.

While PreSonus has a rich history in creating reliable sound gear such as their AI Mixer range, and mobile audio interfaces, their entire range continues to revolutionised their offering to musicians across the globe.

The Studio 192 is an interface with the producer in mind. The lovely 19” module enables artists to connect and work with their favourite DAW, such as PreSonus’s Studio One software. It boasts a combination of world class components and software that helps you concentrate on the job at hand - creating music, instead of spending countless hours setting up and configuring your setup.

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