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Cymbals are a crucial part of a drum kit. This round-shaped plate made of various alloys, adds an accent to the overall sound. It also sets the starting pace of every play, as keeps the speed of the entire band. Having a quality set of cymbals makes all the difference. It usually comes and is used in pairs. Drum kits usually incorporate the crash, ride, china, effects, and pair of hi-hat cymbals. 

The crash cymbals are the loud, explosive cymbals. If someone has to think of cymbals, the crash cymbals often come to mind. The size ranges from 8 inches to 24 inches. They also vary in thickness as it also affects the sound. Thinner cymbals produce brighter sounds. The beginner drum set often has the size somewhere 14 to 18 inches. 

The ride cymbals are known to be the biggest (20 inches to 26 inches) cymbal in a drum kit. In contrast with the crash cymbals, the ride is used to play steady patterns (often similar with the hi-hat). The sound is a shimmering, sustaining sound. Moreover, it is usually placed on the right above the floor tom. Depending on where you hit it, it creates a sharp bell "ping" sound, when hit on the "bell" area (around the cymbal mount). Hit in the bow area it produces a more familiar cymbal sound. Thus, making it the most versatile cymbal. Again, it's thickness influences the sound it has. 

The drum set is never complete without the hi-hats. These cymbals are pairs that sit together on a stand, and a pedal is used to open and close them. These are used to play steady patterns. 

Given its name, the China cymbals can be traced back to the Chinese gongs. They are generally recognisable by their upturned edge and cylindrical bell. They have an explosive, crash-like tone, and often trashier that sometimes it is referred to as trashed cymbals. Their sizes vary from 8 to 27 inches models. 

Cymbals are made using two different methods, thus the two categories, namely: cast cymbals and sheet cymbals. The prices of cymbals are greatly influenced by how they are constructed. The Cast cymbals are made by casting molten metal in a mould. Thus, this is more expensive than the sheet cymbals, which are crafted by stamping from sheets of metal. The drawback of the sheets is that they do not have the same level of sustainability as the cast. The sheet is usually adequate for beginners. And for the more professional level, the cast would be the best option. 
Purchasing cymbals individually could be difficult because it may not complement the other cymbals in your drum kit. Thus, it is always a convenient option to purchase the cymbal set. All the key pieces are there. Moreover, having a set could guarantee you that they would work in synergy. 

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