Acoustic Drums

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Setting the pace of the band and creating a rhythmic pulse and energy on the sound, the percussion gives life to the music. Drums or the drum kits are the backbones of the band. It has been there for the last 100 years and keeps in check the tempo of everyone. The drums having a vital role in the performance of the band, owning the high-quality acoustic drum kit is an important investment you can have. 

Purchasing the complete drum kit is more convenient as opposed to having the individual component. You can focus more on searching the right sound than having the time to try and test over separate drums. Moreover, these kits are designed that their sounds would complement one another. The typical acoustic drum set is a combination of the bass drum, snare drum, the hi-hat, tom-toms, and cymbals. 

There is always a kit that will suit your needs, regardless of your skill level or playing style. Choosing based on the size and up of the drummer should still be considered. For beginner teens, the Junior Kit is always a good option. For the adults and perhaps your abilities or skills are finally ready for an upgrade, the full-size Acoustic kit for teenagers and adults are more suitable. 

With Bavas Music City’s wide range of kits to choose from, here are the great Brand and range of Kits for you such as Sonic Drive, DXP Pearl, Yamaha. Whether you are a beginner or a pro-skilled drummer looking for a great sound, we got you covered.

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