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The Nord factory is located in the creative area of Stockholm called SoFo, in the district of Södermalm and named after is founder in 1983 Hans Nordelius and Bavas Musc City is proud to be the offical Retailer for this wonderful innovative company .

The Nord products are focused around a core of a family of Keyboard and Piano Products .The ability to download new samples and upgrade the sounds with new age modelling technology makes these Nord Instruments a cutting edge product for many creative musicians and are basically grouped asper our list 

Nord Piano Series Has recently been expanded in voice polyphony, a premium Triple Sensor keybed and the world famous acclaimed Virtual Hammer Action Technolog .It now incorporates the Nord Lead Synthesizer with latest analog modeling engine with advanced layering synchronization and all new filter types with on-board effects
Nord Electro 6D Series  is designed with award-winning emulations of vintage electro mechanical and acoustic instruments in a lightweight portable package which has been optimised for any application with the choice of Hammer or WATERFALL Action .
Nord Stage combines 3 independent sound sections being the A1 Synth Engine with sample playback, the amazing Nord C2D organ,and a greatly enhanced Piano Section
Nord C2D Manual Organ with 2 sets of physical drawbars per manual, simulations of B3 tone wheel, Vox and Farfisa transistor organs and a beautiful sampled baroque pipe organ,
Nord Drum is a 6 pad drum synthesizer and Sampled with an amazing dynamic response and reverb/delay effects .

Nord is the choice of many professionals as can be seen on many video clips of Nord Red keyboards on many a performance stage and of course im many studios.

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