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The best solution in this era of music technology for the up and coming drummer or professional Musician Drummer seems to be the ELECTRONIC DIGITAL Drum Kit or Electric DRUM KIT .With the rise of Electronic music and the audience wanting the need to hear the sound like the recording these electronic drums can not only imitate and emulate any acoustic drum kit but also any sound effects ..They now are able to also play back DJ DRUM LOOPS and play a groove over the top to give a LIVE feel to a Pre recorderd DJ Groove .

Alesis drum kits with the their mesh heads and Dynamic Articulation software or Roland DRUM KITS with the Mesh Heads and Modelling TECHNOLOGY  Yamaha DTX Drum kits with thier Silicon heads and Performance Technology are just a few in the range of the Electronic Drum kits that set them aside from each other and allow them to provide you with performance designs to suit you sstyle of playing .

With the advent of smaller homes and Apartment living ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT  kits also provide a way to practice as a drummer with the correct 'footprint' in Hardware plus the added Technological ability to interface into a computer to Learn play along or Record and or also print your music ..Drummers now have really come a long way by adopting ELECTRONIC DRUM KITS.

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