Drum Sticks

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The drummer's hand needs the right drumstick whenever he plays. It is the extension of a drummer's mind. He can create rhythm and symphony with those slim wooden sticks with substantial knowledge of the craft. 

The feel, weight, and durability of each material make the difference. Drumsticks made from maple are lightweight. The ones made from hickory are medium weight, dense and durable. Oak drumsticks are heavyweight and the ones made of polyurethane are extra durable. 

The tips can be either made of wood, nylon, or Delrin. Wooden tips create less articulate sound on cymbals. In comparison, Nylon sounds brighter on cymbals and holds up longer without chipping. Some companies use Delrin in place of nylon because it is supposed to be more durable. 

The shape of the tips comes in different forms and comes with a particular sound. Typical of these are ball, oval, acorn, and barrel. The size matters too. Smaller tips create a more articulate sound. The more extensive tips create bigger and deeper sounds. 

The thickness also changes the sound. The length and diameter are more commonly identified by alphanumeric code (5A - 5B). A model sticks are thinner than Bs, which in turn thinner than S's. In general, when it comes to lighter music, try within 7A range - 0.510"-0.540" diameter. But for rock or heavy metal plays, a more massive or preferably within 5B range (0.590") - up. 

The coating affects the grips. For instance, Vic Firth favours thin lacquer; Regal favours heavy lacquer. It makes the sticks slicker and more resistant to moisture or oil from the skin. At the same time, Promark has a unique finish that becomes tacky as your hands heat up. Most brands also have a finish only by sanding, and some have a rubber coating. 

Bavas Music City's wide range of drumsticks covers all sizes, shape, diameters, styles and brands. We ensure that different areas are protected and that it will all go down to your preference. After all, the sure way to know what you like is to play with the sticks

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