Junior Drum Kits

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It all starts with the first smash of that first drum kit. Every drummer never forgets the experience they have with their gear. All the greatest drummers have experienced that excitement of smashing their first drum. Thanks to the wide selection of junior drum kits and sets, that feeling can be felt by every drummer - beginners and pro - 

The junior drum kits are usually around 18 inches or smaller kick drums. This also includes Jazz kits (with 18-inch kick drums which are also played by adults). While full-size kits usually have kick drums that are 20 inches and/or larger. 

The market now is filled with these drum sets, and finding for one has never been this easier before. Usually, the junior drum sets are designed for kids from 3 to 10 years. It also has the necessary features to learn the basics of drumming and honing the skills of a child. For a youngster who is gearing for more, there are varieties of a drum set that fit their needs. 

Bavas Music City’s selection - The Sonic Drive, DXP, and PowerStrike - Junior Drum kits that are thoughtfully crafted to high-quality that would make your kids' first experience unforgettable. The selection will hold up in quality for years, that your child would genuinely value and something that can be proud of. Get yours now.

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