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As you continue to accessorise your keyboard, adding a dedicated stand is a must. You might also want to consider the extra mounts as a later option. The standard structure is collapsible stations for easy transport. With multi-purpose function, it also serves as additional arm mounts for future expansion.

Depending on the length and weight of your keyboard, you need to consider first the sturdiness of the stand. Some keyboards are cumbersome, especially those with weighted keys. Sometimes when you play your keyboard, you might pound hard on the keys. This is also a reasonable consideration in choosing a stand.

We have different styles of keyboard stands for you. We have furniture type piano stands that are more stable and sturdier than any other stand. We also have the X and the Z type stands, which are handier, especially when travelling. They may seem feeble, but this set-up is firm with features such as double bracing with its locking setting. Column style stands have a central post and are very popular. It can safely handle many tiers of keyboards. They break down quickly as well.

But, for reliable piano emulation, keyboard pedals help to sustain units. Our universal options come in normally closed and normally open configurations. Another excellent pedal option is the one that you can play bass with your feet. It kicks great among walking bass lines that make bass players jealous. So if you have a classic organ emulator, you have to get the pedalboard, too.

We also have expression and effects pedals for keyboards. Using this, you can control the swells with your feet. You can also create minor adjustments to the volumes while you are working on the different octaves.

Bava's Music City has respected brands like Maestro, Yamaha, Xtreme, and more if you're looking for keyboard stands. As for piano pedals, leading brands such Korg, Maestro, Casio, Roland and more. Our list can cater to your needs depending on your preference and budget. Choose the one that resonates better with your style.

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