Guitars for Learners and Beginners

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Buying a beginners Acoustic guitar is not necessarily buying the cheapest on the market . .Look at the finish ,the binding, the woods and the Warranty . The first guitar is normally a nylon classic guitar which has a smaller body and Wider fingerboard to make it easier on the fingers  .Bavas Music City Vets the guitars they sells and dont just stock the cheapest , but look for the best value in build and Value for money .

An Acoustic Guitar Package is usually the best way to make sure that you have all the necessary tools to make the best start to you musical Journey .A Bag to protect it ,An Electronic Tuner ,Guitar Strap to support it .Some packages even contain Picks Capos and Extra Strings to allow you to progress with your chords and Playing Techniques ." All the Gear Under One Roof " 

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