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ROLAND MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS COMPANY started in 1972… Renowned for ther ELECTRONIC synthesizers ,Ground breaking Guitar synthesizer , electronic drums and of course their Digital Pianos  Roland has led the charge of new music into todays modern age of Creativity As the free-love of the 60’s starts to fade, the Roland Corporation was being formed and established in Osaka where a team of electronic, audio, synth masters formed to create their first line of products, including the TR-33, TR-55 and TR-77. Roland is a brand known and loved by all electronic musicians as they are continually redesigning sound and performance features to meet the needs of modern artists as well as the sounds loved by those of us that are a little older!

Here at Bava’s Music, we love Roland Synthesisers, Rhythm Machines and Electronic Pianos. They have created a generation of electronic music lovers thanks to iconic products such as the TB-303, TR-808, TR-909 and TR-707.

Roland is not just an iconic brand, but an innovative brand that we here at Bava’s love to demonstrate. Since their inception, products such as the Juno, Jupiter, JX, XP and many other synthesisers have captured the imaginations of the ever emerging electronic musicians, desperate to create and tailor their sounds around the Roland arsenal of synths.

More recently, Roland has once again released a storm of equipment that has driven new producers to its door. Products such as System-1 Plug-Out Synth, JDXA Analogue Digital Crossover Synth, the FA series of Music Workstations and more are now available at Bava’s Music.

We know and understand Roland gear and are ready to answer any questions you may have while you are researching or investigating your next studio or stage synth, keyboard controller or Piano, so visit us at Bava’s in Sydney or click any of the products below to find out more.

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