Drum kits for Beginners and Learners

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Acoustic drum kits are a popular choice in getting into music for a beginner and an up and coming musician .Rhythm is the basis for all of music with the most basic level of music being the beat .This primeval drive makes us move and instills us with energy .Likewise Acoustic Drum kits seem to have the same effect in terms of moving energy naturally and the sound of a beating drum making us look and move to the beat of the drum .

Whilst Acoustic Drum kits for beginners may seem to make a lot of noise and discouraging many people in purchasing them  ,there are drum pad dampeners that can deaden the sound and allow you to play and practice without the noise and banging of the drum sound .With these pads in place,an acoustic drum kit for a learner is not out of the question in these days of the favoured electronic drum kit .

You have a choice of a rock kit which traditonally has 5 drum in the kit with the bass drum usuallt a 22" or to a smaller degree a 20" .Rock Drum kits have 12 -13- 16 Inch tom sizes .Fusion Kits follow the same Bass drum size but thier tom sizes are usually 10-12-14 Inch . 

There are many brands that have a reliable reputation and with spare parts being an important part of this instrument considering that the physical battering they recieve makes this an integral part of your choice of brand for your favourite instrument . Pearl drum kits are one the worlds larget Manufacturer of drum kits with Yamaha also following close on thier heels .There are many other Boutique Drum companies whihc offer exotice woods or a patented fitting of some sort .

Bavas Music City are best to advise you if you are not to sure of what is on offer at the time you are thinking of purchasing an instrument .


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