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Audio Interfaces & Sound Cards at Bavas Music City Liverpool in Sydney.Australia  have a complete range of the latest music recording equipment and accessories. New and second-hand Soundcards MIDI Audio Interfaces are available in the heart of western Sydney..An Audio interface is a device used to connect your instruments and microphones to your computer recording setup allowing you record digitally what would normally be done in the past with Tape Recorders .The advantage being you can not only hear yoru recording but you can visually manipulate yoru recording with standard QWERTY functions such as cut and paste give you incredible flexability in chasing tha perfect recording you have always dreamed of and even adding effects.  Most SOUNDCARD  interfaces are driven from USB Bus powering from you normal computer .Other Audio Soundcards like UNIVERSAL AUDIO have a processor built into the card allowing for faster rise times and less latency commonly called time lag)  Here at Bava’s MUSIC CITY in Liverpool NSW, we pride ourselves on supplying customers with world-class recording solutions and our Audio Interface options come from companies including Focusrite, Presonus, M-Audio  and more. Whether you require USB, Firewire, standalone or install, we can supply you with the best gear at the best price available. View all our Audio  andSoundcard Interfaces below or call/visit us today to discuss your needs.


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