Maracas & Shakers

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A great way to accentuate the music and add dimension to it is to have an extra layer of sound by adding maracas and shakers. Most percussionists have maracas and shakers as they are essential and standard pieces on a drum kit. These instruments are most common in Latin American music. 
Maracas may look like rattles for grown-ups, or some might prefer egg-shaped maracas. On the other hand, shakers may come in various shapes or fancy, like skulls, cylinders, or different shapes. These instruments are usually in pairs and create noise by shaking forward and back. They're made of smooth, durable plastic with non-toxic steel shot fill. They are pleasing to hold and very responsive. 
Bava's Music City carries several maracas and shakers from top brands such as Mano, Drumfire, and Dunlop. Whether performing in a studio, jamming with friends, or in a concert, these instruments will give any song a slight rattle and roll!    

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