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Cymbals, being the crucial part of any drum kit, keeps the band's pace and speed. A quality set of cymbals makes the difference. An easy way to introduce yourself in drumming is to have cymbal packs. The key pieces - from necessary to more advanced - are already there. It is simple to select the set that best suits your preference or needs, depending on your playing style. 

Basic packs are usually composed of a pair of hi-hats, a single combination of crash/ride cymbals. The advanced or professional packs feature different ride/crash cymbals. And in some packs, it offers two or more crash cymbals. 

Bava's City Music has many different cymbal packs available. You can choose from brands like PAISTE, PST5, and Zildjian. Zildjian brand alone has various collections such as Planet Z, Essential Plus PK, ZBT, A, and the K Hybrid. Regardless of the level of your skills, be sure to select the best. Cymbal packs are one of the excellent investments you will have on your musical journey.

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