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Acoustic pianos require microphones to amplify them which can cause feedback issues and lack of clarity in an ensemble situation whilst digital pianos can be connected to a keyboard amplifier or a PA system to produce a sound loud enough for a large venue without any feedback issues. Most digital pianos can also emulate other sounds besides the piano - with the most common ones being pipe organ, electric piano, Hammond organ and harpsichord - allowing the player more variety for performances. Digital pianos are often used best in music schools and music studios to replace traditional instruments because of the interaction with computers and self-paced teaching apps.


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A digital piano is a processor driven electronic instrument designed primarily to respond and act as a traditional acoustic piano, in a way that it feels to play with the weighted Hammer action and in the sound produced which is the digital sampled playback of the actual piano string. They are also designed to look like an ordinary piano, both the upright or grand piano, and also designed in a portable format for many situations as in bands schools and places of worship. Instead of strings and soundboard to reproduce the sound, digital piano and electronic keyboard sounds are amplified through an internal loudspeaker.


The Main Manufacturers and the leaders in the world of digital pianos are Yamaha Roland Korg and Casio 

Whilst digital pianos may sometimes fall short of a real piano in feel and sound, with the new and faster CPU processors, they are able to come extremely close and realistic by recreating the harmonic overtones and interaction of the strings alongside the pedal nuances. There are also advantages over acoustic pianos. Digital pianos cost much less than an acoustic piano and most models are much smaller and lighter in weight than its acoustic counterpart. In addition, digital pianos do not need to be tuned, and their tuning can be modified to match the tuning of another instrument (e.g., a pipe organ). For the avid student and player, the headphone output allows for silent practice which is an incredible advantage for the new lifestyle changes in apartment living and closely-knit home sites.

Technologically, digital pianos are able to interface with computers allowing you to record and notate your music as you play. Plus, being able to correct timing mistakes with the click of a mouse after you have recorded your MIDI musical piece is perfect for studio work and compositions.

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