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Focusrite a company specialising in Computer USB Audio Soundcards Interfaces and Firewire Audio soundcards ,With the range of USB Audio Interfaces and sound processors ,Focusrite was a company founded in 1985 by Rupert Neve and is based in  High Wycombe and since has specialised in the design and manufacturing  audio equipment such as  audio interfaces, microphone preamps, consoles, analogue EQs and Channel strips, and digital audio processing hardware and software.

Commencing with the ground breaking Comp/Limiter De Esser and Expander/Gate the company eventually preceeded to manufacture Microphone Preamps and delve into Plugins for Computers for DAW systems .A significant step was the commencement of their Saffire Audio Interfaces with thier Superb Microphone Instrument interfaces and then followed closely with their USB AUDIO iNTERFACES or Soundcards  of the Scarlett Range of USB Interfaces with was feeding the ever expanding Home recording bedroom studio Market .

The Clarett Range of Professional interfaces also has made inroads to the upper echelon of this musical market ,Focusrite leads the Home and Studio Recording and Studio processing market and is now one of the worlds leading exponenet of Computer Audio and Sound Processors .At  Bavas Music City we intend on giving you the best delivered price and advice for these great products .

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