Sound modules

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Sound modules have been an essential part of keyboards and electric pianos. Some of the digital keyboards are already incorporated with modules (usually rack-mountable). These can then be connected to the keyboard via MIDI. The modules can be controlled by external devices, such as the sequencer. Sound modules also allow the players to expand their sound selections dramatically. Its form is compact (some are the size of a large notebook), lightweight, and portable, making it easy for players to carry it wherever, whenever. And players could just easily integrate it into their existing keyboards or equipment. Often rack-mountable, sound modules also come in a table-top form, practically suitable for DJs or record producers. Moreover, some sound modules include plug-in control software that can give your room for edit, save, and recall settings in your DAW, just like a virtual instrument.

Whether you are a professional or doing gigs on the go, the sound modules are a beneficial tool in your music production. Bava’s Music City offers modules from brands such as Behringer, Roland, Merish, and OKYWeb. Do you need guides or tips to help you select suitable sound modules? We welcome your questions.

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