Best Acoustic Guitar Packs for Beginners

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Buy the best acoustic guitar for beginners.

Often asked is what is the best guitar for beginners to learn on .The first guitar is normally a nylon classic guitar which has a smaller body and Wider fingerboard to make it easier on the fingers  .The Nylon strings doesnt cut you fingers and so makes it a more pleasant experience for the beginner .With THE STEEL STRING GUITAR this is the most widely used sound in country and contemporary music and is usually what the begiiner guitarist aspiires to with this instrument .

Unlike many Auction sites where you buy by picture and price our guitars are tested designed by real companies taht want to build their name within the industry and give us the retailer no headaches when it comes to reliability and quality control at the factory and strung with Quality guitar strings and are made for young budding musicians and not Mass market 

An Acoustic Guitar Package is offered as a great Solution as it encompasses all the gear you need for your road to music .A Bag to protect it ,An Electronic Tuner ,Guitar Strap to support it .Some packages even contain Picks Capos and Extra Strings to allow you to progress with your chords and Playing Techniques .BAVAS Music City has all of this and More " All the Gear Under One Roof " 

We carry Worlds and Australias most Popular and famous Brands Such as Fender Yamaha Maestro Martinez Sanchez and all at our heavily discounted price 

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