Drum Pedals

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A quality drum pedal is what a drummer needs. There is a range of pedals to choose from based on the type of music you want to play or your personal preference. When selecting a pedal, always check whether it is a single beater or more. The single pedals have only a footboard and a beater. It became popular to drum enthusiasts due to its simplicity. Most drummers would prefer this.

But, the double pedals have one floorboard and two beaters. The dual beaters produce dual sound in the process. There are also three beaters making the triple sound as one beat is equal to three strikes.

Yet, if you're playing it safe, the best is a drum pedal with a chain that connects the beater to the footboard. This pedal is the most common.

Stable drum pedals and beaters are essential for creating fantastic sound. Beginner or a pro, having a quality one is a must.

Bava's Music City has a wide range of selection of these drum pedals. We have the top brands that you can choose from, like DXP, Pearl, and Powerbeat. And many more that would suit our customer's needs. One final note - make sure you get the right pedals and beaters for your type of drum, whether it's a bass or kick drum.

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