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Analog synthesizers create a unique sound by having a sonic character. It has such warm and gritty tones. It works by manipulating electric voltages to produce their sound. It is known to mimic more of the natural sounds of instruments. Like any instrument, it needs a generator and resonator. In the case of analog synths, the oscillator is the generator. The oscillator produces the pitch, and the sound signal will be transmitted to the filter (the resonator). From here, the player can manipulate the sound to what he wants. The tone is then fed through an analog synth module (aka, effects) and then an amplifier, so it’s audible.

Bava’s Music City has respected brands like Behringer, Roland, and Korg if you’re looking for good analog synths. Our list can cater to your needs depending on your preference and budget. Choose the one that resonates better with your style.

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