Junior Drum kits

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Junior Drum kits are Real wooden Acoustic drum kits AND are a popular choice to allow young drummers to get into postion and into ideas of sound and Rhythm  .Rhythm is the basis for all of music with the most basic level of music being the beat .They are a good start as they have the correct footprint for a real full size drum kit and is ideal for 3-6 year olds as this will allow them to grow into the larger and standard drum size kit .You would ideally need a hi hat to make sure this fits in with the correct layout of the real drum kit .

Whilst Acoustic Drum kits for beginners may seem to make a lot of noise and discouraging many people in purchasing them  ,there are drum pad dampeners that can deaden the sound and allow you to play and practice without the noise and banging of the drum sound .With these pads in place,an acoustic drum kit for a learner is not out of the question in these days of the favoured electronic drum kit .

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