Latin Percussion

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      Latin music is defined by its rhythmic sound and passion beats. There are various genres for Latin music. Each is determined by the sounds created by the Latin musical instrument used for that particular genre. The Latin musical instruments come in all shapes and sizes, and it varies depending on its origin. Here are some from our collection: 
 Bongo comes from Afro-Cuban origin. They are pairs of drums attached on wooden open-ended 'shells' and are played by hands and fingers. The drums are yoked together, creating lively rhythmic dialogues. 
 Tabla Djembe Darbuka or known as the Goblet drum, is used mainly in Egypt. It's a goblet-shaped drum that comes in different sizes as well. It is played under the arm or resting on the player's leg. The player then taps the drum head with a much lighter touch and different strokes (sometimes includes rolls or quick rhythms articulated with the fingertips) to hand drums. 
 Moreover, Conga is made of single-headed drums that are usually in a set of two. Each drum is tuned into an unended drum sound. 
 Cajon is a wooden box, a single hole percussion instrument from Peru. The player sits on top of the box and slaps the other side with fingers, hands, or other materials such as brushes and sticks. Cajones are played in Afro-Peruvian music but has made their way into flamenco as well. 
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