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Tambourine's roots date back to the earliest of humankind's civilization. It is a percussion instrument that is versatile and is used in a variety of musical styles. Tambourines are referred to as untuned instruments. But the sound it produces varies in the different styles and sizes. The metal jingle or known as "zills", are attached to handles. They are designed initially with skins that modulate and produce a lower sound. Nowadays, tambourines are made from woods and plastics. It ranges in shape and sizes. Some are headless tambourines, which could be in the form of a star, moon, or traditional full. Most tambourines now have more resistance to repeated impact from a drumstick's blow. The handles are also ergonomically designed for the percussionist to play comfortably, even for a more extended period. 

Bava's Music City has a wide selection of Tambourines. We have collections from top brands such as Mano, Remo, Drumfire, Pearl, CPK, and MP. Whether it is played by hand or mounted on a drum kit, its sound is always welcoming.

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