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Shopping for Drum Accessories? We have it here every day at Bavas Music City. We have items that are on sale from top quality brands. Our accessories range from drum cases and bags, drum sticks, stools, drum tuners, and mats. If you want to compare one item to another in terms of prices, you can choose from our brands such as Roland, Auralex, Powerbeat, Gator Cases, Maestro, Vic Firth, and Sonic Drive to name a few. We are always asked if we have drum tuners, or what is the best mat, or if we have stools for the drum sets, or what are the best drum sticks. That’s why we ensure that we can cover your needs through our wide range of selections at a great price.

The best prices for any of the drum accessories that you might need are coupled with our excellent service and the availability of interest-free payment plans. Please have a look at our website and don't forget our price match policy. You can't lose.

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