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JBL Powered and Passive Speakers along with the EON Powered Speakers range  that have adorned the walls of high-fidelity venues across the globe, but their history goes back much further, starting in the late 1940’s by James B Lansing. Creating speakers and Monitors such as the JBL 4320 that quickly became the standard monitors found in studios world-wide.Most of us born in the last 50 years will probably associate 

In 1969, JBL was sold to Sidney Harmon which was a major move into a more consumer based environment and the L-100 was released that same year and go on to sell 125,000 pairs in the 1970’s.

The EON range came about in 1995, which saw a dramatic move into the portable PA world for JBL. People could now rely on a powerfully powered speaker and easily carry and setup at gigs just about anywhere.

At Bava’s Music, you can find a large selection of the best quality JBL products. From Portable PA in the JRX PRX SRX range to large scale VRX Installed sound and LSR Studio Monitors, JBL is a world leader and our team at Bavas Music are ready to showcase it all to you today! Visit us in-store or view the products by clicking the links below.

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