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So you want to buy a music keyboard .Is it for a beginner keyboard player and existing piano player or for a song prodcurer We have people asking what is the best Electronic Keyboard for them ? ,What is the Difference between a MIDI Keyboard or s Music Keyboard ?  Do I buy a 61 Note keyboard or an 88 note keyboard ? .Essentially a keyboard has Rythms built in that allows you to have a backing band playing with you when you play the left hand whilst you are playing the melody on the Right Hand .This instant gratification encourages many people to continue to learn or using this technique allows you also to write songs in the style and manner that you choose .

Bavas Music City has keyboards for beginners and professionals alike You can choose from the best keyboards in hte Worlds such as Yamaha Keyboard, Casio Keyboard . Maestro Keyboard and all of these are based on Price and Features built on your level of enthusiasm or playability Bavas Musci City also has the best Package deals available with some including headphones and stands make it an easy all in one top solution .