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MODERN ACOUSTIC DRUM KITS have become hte backbone or Rock and Jazz for the last 100 years .They provide hta backbone of any band group or Rhythm Section for a variety or reason but mainly to keep every one in tempo and play together following the beat of hte drums so to speak 

When buying a Drum kit you would need to take into consiration the Size of the up and coming drummer as you can purchase a Junior Kit for Children ,a Fusion Kit for Young beginners or a full size kit for teenagers and /or Adults ..

Like all instruments Price is commensurate to Quality and because of Acoustics and resonation in Drums the woods play an important role in tone alongside the drum heads that are part of Acoustic Drum kits .Also the Hardware such as Hi Hat Snare Drum and Cymbal Stands make up the other part of the Drum set and can be Single or Double Braced which give them more stability 

Alongside the Rich Thunderous sound of the Acoustic Wooden Drum Kit you will also need to choose a quality Cymbal set to cut through this Rich Sound and Complement the wooden shells  .In Cymbals the general rule is .. the higher the Bronxe Content the Better the Resonance and Sound of the Cymbals 

Not too sure if you or your child wants to Continue with Drums as it could be a passing fad ? We have RENT TRY and /or  BUY Portal  on our website .If you continue you cna buy if you dont jsut give it back to us * So go ahead you have nothing to lose .

We have a great Brand and range of Kits for you to choose from such as Sonic Drive ,DXP  Pearl ,Yamaha  

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