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Having a good drum stool does not only provide you comfort while playing for long periods, but it will also help in the precision and speed while playing the drums, especially with the foot works. A drummer's dream is to play in such a flawless way for extended periods; thus, comfort from the playing position is a vital element of drumming. Sadly, many drummers settle for mediocre seating, maybe to save money. They do not know what they're missing until they got to experience playing with a great stool. That's why, even at the start, a high-quality drum throne or stool is best considered. But it's never too late to have a good one.

Bavas City Music, with its wide range of drum stools to choose from, offers on sale high-end brands to cater to your needs. We have brands from Powerbeat, Pearl, DXP, and Maestro, to name a few. All you have to do is browse our selection and select the best stool that fits your need of comfort while efficiently playing your drums. Coupled with our excellent service and availability of our interest-free payment plans, you can now have your stool anytime. Don't forget, in selecting your "throne", it's always best to choose the best with us.

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