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Every keyboard deserves the utmost protection. And the suitable cases and bags for your keyboards and accessories are significant. But, it's never easy, given that there are a wide array of choices from hard cases to soft bags.

Hard cases are either plastic or fibre, and some are lined or unlined. The most common models are made of polyethylene plastic outer shells, which handles the case's rigidity. It also deflects rim warping and lacquer-cracking concussions. Bava’s Music City’s top brands for this category are Roland, Korg, and Gator.

For greater flexibility, lighter, and tighter, the soft bags are a great option. Its advantage over hard cases is that it is less bulk and doesn't add much weight to the keyboard, making it easier to move it around. But, the hardware case provides extra padding, and extra-tough materials, especially hard-bottom bags. Keyboards are difficult to store and transport, so this is a great thing to consider. Gator and SKB are brands that have been one of the most sought after in our list here.

With excellent service and great quality products, you rest assured that here in Bava’s Music City, buying is rewarding you with a worthy investment.

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