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Shopping for Drums? We have Drums for sale every day at Bavas Music City, If you want to compare an electric drum set or an acoustic Drum set price , You can choose from our Brands such as Alesis Electric Drums ,Roland V Drums, Yamaha Electric Drums or,Pearl Acoustic Drum sets to name a few .We are always asked if we have a Drum set for for a beginners or what is the best first drum kit , or is it best to go for an acoustic drum kit or electronic drum kit ? Do you have the luxury of a room or space for an acoustic drum kit or if you live in an apartment or in close to proximity to neighbours then you choice would be an electronic drum kit with headphones .The best prices for electric drum kits and best price for acoustic kits are couple with our great service and the availability of interest free payment plans . Have a look at our website and dont forget our price match policy .You cant lose .



Bavas Music City make it easy for you to RENT or Buy a Drum kit or Percussion Sets such as Congas or Bongos .We offer Rent to Buy or if you are wanting to take it easy on the payments you can apply to Purchase Interest FREE .We will try hard for you to enjoy the creative pastime of playing and learning a drum kit by offering you payment plans that are easy to follow and utlise