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Akai Professional began life in the mid 80’s and for the past 30+ years has been a key product manufacturer for home studios, live drum machines, keyboard controllers and much more. With products ranging from controller keyboards, to studio monitors, Akai Professional is a much loved brand here at Bava's Music.

The Akai Pro MPC is a sequencing sampler that changed the face of modern music production and performance. Instead of hitting a traditional keybed, the MPC has high quality pads to playback samples. This pad system has become the goto feature for modern production and performance equipment.

Here at Bava’s music, we stock a large range of keyboard controllers, such as the MPK and Advance series. The Akai Professional controller keyboards are a perfect way to get many controls into your home, mobile or project studio where space is a premium. These units contain pads, faders, encoders, pots, buttons and more that work with your favourite DAW or production software.

For the musicians, the EWI5000 is Akai’s latest electronic wind instrument that gives you modern features and multiple sounds while still using your breath and fingers to control your sound.

If you are looking for studio or stage solutions that are excellent value for money, then you need to check out the Bava’s Music range of Akai Professional. We know how important decisions for your studio are, so if you need any support, give us a call on 1300 687 421 or visit us in-store.

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