Best Guitar Packs for Beginners

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The best guitars for beginners are usually packaged in a pack by the manufacturer and offering great value and quality with all the right gear to get started which can included a Carry bag ,Tuner ,Strap and Picks   Bava’s guitar packs are an affordable and quality way to kickstart your career. All of our packs (unlike other budget/beginner packages out there) come ready to play, with the best quality components that will help you reach your strumming potential!

Fender and Yamaha Electric Guitar and Acoustic Packs are the most popular purchase items in the industry as they represent a leading brand and super quality control .of course there are many other brands but you must consider Wood quality and Build ,Neck thickness and Fret finish for ease of playing Need help? Call or visit Bava’s and speak to one of our experienced staff who will help track down your perfect pack.

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