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Drums always come to mind when you think of percussion. Yet, there are many untold percussion instruments with roots from the Latin-America, Africa, the Caribbean, and Northern Asia. Manufacturing and access to these instruments are even made available worldwide. Putting no limits and experimenting on sounds should be an instrumentalist’s goal. One should expand its musical horizons with different World Percussions. But, at times, it could be challenging to start with so many options.

If you and your group are seeking to expand from the bare minimum - such as basic drums like a snare, bass, and cymbals - then you could add more percussion ensembles. You can add tambora, timbales, and Djembes. It’s a sure way to add variety to your arrangements. Moreover, accessorizing sounds with shakers, rainmakers, and woodpecker, are a great way to add more effects on your music. 

Bava's Music City makes it easy for you to buy percussion. If you want to take it easy on the payments, you can buy in a series of interest-free instalments. You can choose from our brands such as Mano and Meinl sets to name a few. From simple egg-shakers to cajons and castanet machines, when you dive into the world of percussion, the beat is the beginning.

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