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EV as it is commonly known is a company that began life in the 1930’s when two men moved their business to audio products and labelled it Electro-voice. Since then the company has been utilised throughout key markets including broadcasting, small and large concert halls, houses of worship and throughout retail networks, bars and clubs.

These days, EV is still a dominant brand here in Australia and around the world, which is whey we at Bava’s Music ensure our product range and knowledge is second to none. We regularly see clients in these same key areas of Broadcasting, Concert Venues and smaller businesses looking to enhance, update or redesign their audio solutions and EV still remains at the top of the wish-list of those in the know.

Live PA Systems and Live Sound in general needs to not only be loud and powerful, but clean and clear to ensure that every note that is sung, strummed or bashed is perfectly replicated. Electro Voice have worked tirelessly on creating the perfect sound balance to ensure every performance is a winner.

The Electro-voice range includes microphones, PA and Live Systems, PA Mixers and Speakers. The Dynacord Powermate Series 3 mixers, EKX, EKX and ZLX series speakers and subwoofers are just some of the great PA solutions that we here at Bava’s Music love to show off, so visit us or click any of the links below to find out more about our extensive EV range.

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