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The ABRATO PORTABLE and powerful PA and Karaoke systems are one of the worlds best for value portable sound systems made to a budget but made to perform for that budget.They all are designed with Bass woofers for deep and rich, booming bass and Tweeter horn for Crisp treble sound to complements these system as a great value performing system

Whether you use this while working out in the gym or for out door and indoor announcements this system will deliver you commensurate sound for specific applications .Most of these system are complemented with TWO WIRELESS MICROPHONES so you can use this as a presentation system or in a gym or Hall or for a performance KARAOKE SYSTEM with its built in Echo it can be used as a with your friends and hold your own concert for fun at any time and any place.

Soem units feature a VOICE MINIMISING /CANCELLING feature which is attriubted to the Centre Cancel / Accompany function for minimising vocals from any songs recorded in true stereo

They are usually LIGHT and PORTABLE and some of the Portable Karaoke Machine weigh only 5 Klgs whilst manu have been designed with a retractable pullout, wheels and handles to allow you to move it easily like a suitcase. It can travel with you; having it in your car doesn’t take too much space Besides the rechargeable battery inside, most also has a DC 12V INPUT socket for additional DC 12V power source (such as power station, car adapter, battery, etc.) to keep the party going on and make sure everyone have a great time.

to keep musician in mind and buskers there are usally 2 EXTRA CHANNELS for cabled Microphone or Guitar

BLUETOOTH STREAMING for Mobile phone users or You tube users  Connect the machine and the tablet via BT, then it is your fantastic karaoke time. Want to listen again what you said just now? Record it by simply pressing recording button and re-play. To meet your needs, it always has its ways to make it happen. It is easy and fast to connect Bluetooth for the first time and automatically connect to the same Bluetooth name in the future. You will always know how to make this multi-functional Bluetooth karaoke machine work. It will be a magic gift, even for your little kids. They can always get along with it easily and have fun by finding out its magic power of hearing their own voice coming out of this box.

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