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Casio Portable and Key Lighting Keyboards

Casio Portable and Key Lighting Keyboards main image Casio Portable and Key Lighting Keyboards image

 Casio portable keyboards are categorised by the following series and vary in price and performance with most of them now having 61 piano boxed keys simulating the look of the piano. The range now carries a full range of orchestral and electronic sounds all with built-in traditonal and modern and EDM ( electronic dance music ) rhythms .THe USB makes these keyboards computer ready and when you include the option of Chordana for computer based learning and a 5 year warranty this make CASIO instruments a very attractive proposition as an instrument.

SA – the smallest Casio keyboards with minimum number of functions
CTK – starter Casio keyboard with 61 full-size touch response keys and many integrated voices and rhythms
CT-X – compact keyboards with powerful AiX Sound Source
LK – full-size lighted keys keyboards for easy learning

The CASIO Lighted Keys Series is based on the the visual learning system and established principles from the field of music education as it is a know fact that students learn faster and quicker using this method. Other Functions such as Music Challenge provide added motivation to get playing and the rote learning system using keylighting system actually increases interactivity which in turn motivates the player .With the ability to connect to the free Chordana Play as a keyboard tutorial app to a PC via the USB port this also increases the opportunity to learn even faster as it is based on your pace of learning.

CASIOTONE has been synonymous with cult keyboards since 1980 and continues in this tradition, enhancing instruments with modern features such as connectivity to tutorial apps* and Dance Music Mode*, where players can try their hand at crafting the next chart hit.Their keyboards are tuned into the new ways of thinking learning and playing music.Chordana the Casio tone Musical APP is the software that sets them apart from the rest .Compliment this with a 5 year warranty you are assured af a well made product both in performance and build