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Electrovoice or also known as EV is one of the USA a leading manufacturer of speakers and Speaker systems -With thier new range of ZLX ELX EKX ETX Powered and Passive Music PA Speaker systems , EV is now the biggest seller in the USA 

For 91 years, Electro‑Voice has designed and engineered leading‑edge sound reinforcement solutions — From the Performers to the Producers and Engineers in the field of audio EV , exceeds the expectations of the audio professional and elevate the audience experience to higher levels

Electro‑Voice is one of the few companies to design all components in‑house — enclosures, waveguides, drivers — This allows them to have a high level of Quality Control for every audio application, from a standalone loudspeaker to a networked sound system. THe Compnonets and sound far outstrip many of its competitors and it's EVs track record of patents proves the point: THe engineer and invent, Whilst the others imitate