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Which Focusrite Audio USB audio interface are the best for Recording ? Focusrite Scarlett offers great speed, high-quality preamps, superb conversion and low-latency performance with sample rates up to 192kHz. Scarlett USB audio interfaces start at One In- One Out and then come with up to 18-inputs , 20-outputs. All these factors make pros and home-studio owners use Scarlett models.

The Focusrite Clarett sound is available over USB or Thunderbolt™. There are three units in the range varying in their In Outs: Clarett 2Pre (10-in, 4-out), Clarett 4Pre (18-in, 8-out) and Clarett 8Pre (18-in, 20-out). Clarett 8PreX (26-in, 28-out) is only available as a Thunderbolt™ device.

Focusrite Scarlett is the bestselling USB audio interface range in the world as It concentrates on just three things; achieving the best sound, the fastest speed and the easiest experience all within an affordable pricepoint . It is compact yet versatile, with Scarlett mic preamps, super-low latency, and class-leading sound quality and digital conversion .Let Focusrite Clarett take ou to the next step 

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