Orchestral Accordions for Band Roland V-Accordion

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Roland FR Series V Accordion are probably the best of digital accordions and they are slowly being accepted as an extensions of this instrument similar to Digital Piano now becoming the mainstay of the Piano Market .

With the fact the Roland Accordions not only have over 24 modelled characteristic accordions ranging from Folk to Concert accordions from all parts of the world ,the FR SERIES ALSO have an impressive range of orchestral sounds and set ups that you can't get on acoustic accordions . Roland V Accordions are proving to be a boon for Soloists as they are now able to not only sound like an orchestra but through MIDI able to interface on the Left hand with arranger modules such as the ROLAND BK7M ARRANGER Module  to sound like a full backing band whilst being able to play accordion ,orchestral Contemporary Synthesizer sounds with the Right Hand Side . 


Because the Accordion Integrates with MIDI ,it now has the ability  to be able to capture the music and score it in real time with Software such as Cubase Sibelius and Protools which is a Composers Dream and as you can assign 4 parts to score your accordion compostion or arrangement you can also at a later stage orchestrate it for otehr intruments through your computer software .

The Line is now drawn as too what consitutes an Accordion . Acoustic or Digitally modelled there are now TWO WAYS TO VISUALISE the accordion as both have their advantages similar to the acoustic and Digital Piano. I believe that the Digital accordion offers much more advantages in todays world of Digital Media and also in the fact that ROLAND FR-Series has democratised the ability for a novice accordion player to experience the ability to harness the power of MIDI and Create music that was totally out of the realm of their ability .

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